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Konka Smart TV devices will offer Foxxum’s app store

PRESS RELEASE / January 14, 2020

Kiel, January 2020: KONKA LTD, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, has signed on to collaborate with Foxxum, the globally leading provider of Smart TV solutions,

to develop a fully customizable portal for Konka’s ODM customers. The portal will be pre-integrated inclusive of the huge library of Foxxum’s app portfolio to offer an entertaining end-user experience.


Foxxum specializes in tailor made Smart TV Solutions which are developed in close collaboration, with their customers, at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain, from silicon vendors through to Device Manufacturers (OEM), CE brands, TV operators and Content Providers.


Konka’s customer branded devices will be made available for all markets in 2020 for both Linux and Android OS TVs. Through this collaboration, Konka will have a continuously growing App offering, whilst Foxxum keeps strengthening its presence in the Latin American markets.  

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26 days – Are you CES ready?

EVENTS / December 12, 2019

Foxxum’s Chief Executive Officer Ronny Lutzi is attending the CES 2020 together with his expert team composed of Business Development and Content Partnerships representatives.

The group consists of Jenny Qi, Vice President China, Mehmet Eroglu, Chief Commercial Officer, Teresa Alonso Lopez, Manager Content Partnerships and Bogdan Logvinov, Senior Associate Content Partnerships.


If you want to get together with them and haven’t booked your appointment yet, then please follow the link below to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to see you! 

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Foxxum announces new partner in Vietnam

PRESS RELEASE / November 28, 2019

Kiel, November 2019: VEGA CORPORATION and Foxxum GmbH are pleased to announce their collaboration to offer the VOD service Clip TV on Foxxum-supported devices in Vietnam.

Vega is one of the most successful online and mobile services developers in Vietnam and is now working together with Foxxum, leading provider of Smart TV solutions, to bring its vast library of premium content to the Foxxum App Store worldwide.


The extensive catalogue of more than 1,000 Hollywood, European and Asian movies, especially exclusive Vietnamese theater movies will be made available and updated constantly to the Vietnamese Smart TV users across a wide range of Foxxum enabled devices including Skyworth and Hisense. Users will also have access to over 130 TV channels, including leading regional TV networks like VTV, HTV and THVL as well as international channels such as Fox, Fox Movies, BBC and Bloomberg.


It is a growing concern worldwide but piracy has especially been a huge concern in Vietnam for quite some time. Despite this issue, the Clip TV app is only offering content which is 100% copyrighted.


The Clip TV app is integrated within the Foxxum App stores and is now available for all users in Vietnam.

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Foxxum announces massive new partnership with Touché films

PRESS RELEASE / November 19, 2019

Kiel, November 2019: Foxxum, global leader in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions is happy to unveil a new partnership with Touché films for the Smart TV App, which is available worldwide.


Touché films is a digital media publisher as well as an arising production company of sketches, medium-length films and advertisements. Their first feature film was premiered in cinemas last week.

For it’s the first time on Smart TV. The first steps are important to assure a successful incorporation. Due to this, Foxxum is especially proud about the collaboration. is the first Spanish-speaking sketch channel with more than 20 Million subscribers on YouTube and can boast with a reach of 33 Million followers on social media.


This collaboration enriches Foxxum’s global app portfolio whilst delivering fresh and new content for the Spanish-speaking users.

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Azoomee launches on Foxxum-enabled connected TVs worldwide

PRESS RELEASE / November 13, 2019

Kiel, November 2019: Azoomee, an entertaining educational content platform for kids aged 4+, has today announced its launch on TV screens worldwide, in partnership with Foxxum.

This means customers can access Azoomee’s amazing content on any smart connected TV, anywhere, anytime!


”Launching Azoomee on Smart TVs is a natural step for us to meet the strong demand from our users across multiple devices,” said Azoomee’s co-founder and COO Estelle Lloyd. “Foxxum have both the expertise to develop the best TV solution and the reach to significantly expand our footprint. Their team is a delight to work with. ”


Big name manufacturers like Vestel, Panasonic, Toshiba, Polaroid, and Hitachi will be releasing Azoomee today, with brands such as Apple TV, Samsung, and LG to follow.  Azoomee is thrilled to reach so many homes and connect with kids across the world.


“Today’s Smart TV users include several generations, and for us it is essential to cater to their needs,” said Foxxum’s CEO Ronny Lutzi. “We continue to work toward providing the best user experience, which we feel is greatly improving with the addition of the educational and child-friendly App Azoomee.”


Azoomee is an ad-free streaming service that offers award-winning TV shows and imaginative arts and crafts activities to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity in kids. Azoomee is available everywhere. In addition to the amazing TV experience, customers also get access to the Azoomee mobile app, which includes hundreds of brain-boosting games, puzzles and creative DIY projects.

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The countdown to CES Las Vegas 2020 starts now

EVENTS / November 7, 2019

61 days – We are counting down to the start of CES 2020 in Las Vegas.


No matter if you are already a partner, interested in our products or want to chat about all things Smart TV, simply follow the link below to book your meeting with us.

We can’t wait to see you!

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We want to see you at IFA & IBC 2019

EVENTS / August 20, 2019

Just like the past years our Foxxum team will be at the IFA exhibition in Berlin as well as the IBC in Amsterdam to meet with existing and potential partners, to discuss ongoing projects and share new trends.
If you would like to meet with one of our specialists and you haven’t been in touch yet, then go on and send us an email to request an appointment via the below booking button.
We are looking forward to meeting with you!

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Global documentary platform DocuBay collaborates with Foxxum

PRESS RELEASE / July 23, 2019

United States and India, July 2019: DocuBay, the premium international documentary VOD streaming service by IN10 Media, announced a significant collaboration with Foxxum. 


As part of the collaboration DocuBay will provide its library of premium content on the Foxxum-enabled devices worldwide, comprising of several major markets including Europe and the United Kingdom (UK).


Through this collaboration, DocuBay continues steadfast on its global proposition through a clear and focused content positioning with universal appeal. Foxxum’s platform expertise offers viewers the best Smart TV user experience, and a customised user-friendly design. The extensive catalogue of documentaries will be deep linked, and video thumbnails will be made available to their millions of users across a wide range of devices. Users will have access to DocuBay’s exciting features including thematic curated Bays like Nature, Action, Travel, Culture, Science, Sports etc. that showcases documentary features from over 80 countries, and counting.


Commenting on the collaboration, Akul Tripathi, COO, DocuBay said, “Launching DocuBay on Foxxum, one of the finest Smart TV platform solutions providers, reinforces our presence and our reach strategy worldwide. This collaboration strengthens our reach in Europe and UK. We continue to work toward providing the best of content across multiple screens with seamless user experience.”


Ronny Lutzi, Chief Executive Officer, Foxxumsaid: “We are convinced that Smart TV is the best form of home entertainment now and in the future; and therefore we are very happy to contribute our expertise and outstanding services to DocuBay.”

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iFlix and Foxxum collaborate to deliver next generation SMART TV experience to emerging markets

PRESS RELEASE / April 13, 2019

By integrating iflix into its Smart TV app store Foxxum further amplifies its solutions and services to territories through Asia, Middle East and North Africa.


Kiel, April 2019: Foxxum, global leader in development, operation and commercial marketing of innovative Smart TV solutions is delighted to announce a new partnership with iflix, Southeast Asia’s leading entertainment service. As part of the deal, the iflix app will be made available on all Foxxum-enabled devices in key markets, including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The deal will deliver iflix content to millions of connected devices.


This partnership expands Foxxum TV store’s suite of content and services for Asian, Middle Eastern and North African audiences. The flexibility of Foxxum’s solution facilitates iflix content and brand discovery across all geographies. A tailored design, dedicated previews, hand-picked recommendations and features like ‘Movie of the Day’ will cater to different territories and audiences and offer a one-of-a-kind Smart TV experience. A dedicated kids section rounds up to the best Smart TV user experience.


Now available to over one billion consumers throughout Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, iflix has established itself as the clear market leader in video streaming. Offering consumers a vast library of top Hollywood, regional and local TV shows and movies, including a number of exclusives and award-winning programs, news and live events – each subscription allows users to access the service on up to five devices, including smartphone, laptop, tablet and television sets wherever, whenever.


Goncalo Carvalho, iflix Client Partner Asia, comments: “We want to give all users the freedom to enjoy iflix on any screen of their choice, especially as the demand for premium OTT services increases across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Our partnership with Foxxum allows for iflix’s seamless integration on Smart TVs to deliver an exceptional experience to our users.”


“This partnership strengthens Foxxum’s footprint in the region. Combining our technology and iflix’s high-quality content allows us to provide customers, partners, and viewers the most delightful watching experience. We are committed to continually upgrade our contents through partnerships with regional elites like iflix”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

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New Year, new Look – Meet our new logo

ANNOUNCEMENT / January 10, 2019

Today we proudly present our new logo. As we constantly grow and become more mature we felt it was time to represent that in a new logo but without loosing our recall value. We are now using a fresher green and modern font that is optimised for mobile screens. Furthermore we added a box, showing the FOXXUM X, which is a mixture of an app icon and a TV screen representing our work and passion.


If you are a partner and you are using our logo please request a full resolution logo at

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