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Foxxum Announces Foxxum OS 4: A Next-Level Independent Operating System for Connected TVs Built On RDK

PRESS RELEASE / August 10, 2022

Foxxum, the innovator in cutting edge Smart TV solutions, today announced the upcoming launch of Foxxum OS 4: A brand new CTV OS built on the RDK platform.


Foxxum announced this new initiative, declaring the new Foxxum OS 4 will seamlessly integrate streaming services and applications across all devices within a single OS, which aims to extend RDK’s success in the set top box and operator sectors into the CTV space.


Connected TVs operate on internal Operating Systems, which allow users to access streaming apps, gaming, system operation and more. While some CTV Manufacturers have their own proprietary operating systems, more than 100 million Connected TVs each year from more than 600 TV Brands, license operating systems from third party providers like Foxxum. Foxxum’s current operating system reaches more than 25 million connected TVs worldwide. The new Foxxum OS 4 built on RDK is designed to provide an even more robust service to TV manufacturing partners globally.


Foxxum launched its current CTV OS in 2021. Now via their new platform using RDK, Foxxum is elevating Foxxum OS 4 to meet the steeply rising demand of CTV streaming and the varied needs of streaming content on CTVs.


As Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO says, “A major complaint of CTV users around the world is friction in the discoverability of content and apps. The new Foxxum OS 4 CTV UI features extraordinary design, easy accessibility, and customizable recommendations for an outstanding viewing experience across CTVs.”


Foxxum’s use of RDK will give a major boost to the standardization of Linux based CTVs for premium OTT streaming services that have previously integrated with RDK in the past. As a result, Foxxum OS 4 is now set up to maximize platform revenues for OEM and TV Brands around the world, allowing them to control the user experience in real time. Perhaps most importantly, this new, high-end, independent CTV OS, offers smaller CTV OEMs and Brands a CTV OS from a partner who does not compete directly with them for selling devices to consumers.

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Foxxum Adds RTVE Play App to Foxxum CTV OS

ANNOUNCEMENT / July 27, 2022

The innovator in smart TV solutions, Foxxum, has made the RTVE Play app available on Foxxum CTV OS.


RTVE Play, which serves as a replacement for the previous RTVE A la Carta app, is the latest free VOD app from the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE.


The app is available in Spain and offers live and on demand content such as movies, TV shows, TV series and documentaries. The programs include La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, Playz and Canal 24 Horas, offering news, series, and sports plus exclusive live broadcasts.


“We are very pleased to work with such a renowned company as RTVE to add the RTVE Play app to Foxxum CTV OS, thereby offering more programs to our valued customers in Spain”, says Ronny Lutzi, Founder and CEO at Foxxum GmbH.


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Foxxum Launches Chaupal App on Foxxum CTV OS

ANNOUNCEMENT / July 8, 2022

Foxxum, innovator in cutting-edge Smart TV solutions for TV manufacturers and content providers, has launched the video streaming app Chaupal, which can be accessed via Foxxum CTV OS.


As a multi-regional OTT platform from India, Chaupal features movies, web series and documentaries for a global audience. Furthermore, the content on the app is available in three Indian languages: Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri and offers a wide range of film categories and genres like thriller, comedy, romance and action to choose from.


“We at Chaupal are excited to collaborate with Foxxum as we are confident that it will provide us with the best entertainment solutions, open doors to newer audiences and thereby expand our global reach. With our gripping content, we intend to build value through our partners for all the stakeholders,” says Sandeep Bansal, Managing Director at Chaupal.


“We are thrilled to be able to offer yet another amazing video streaming app on Foxxum CTV OS and thereby provide greater language diversity for our Indian-speaking customers”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.


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Foxxum Makes VOD App Awaan Available on Foxxum CTV OS

ANNOUNCEMENT / July 6, 2022

Foxxum, innovator in cutting-edge Smart TV solutions for TV manufacturers and content providers, is proud to announce the cooperation with Awaan, a VOD service from Dubai Media Incorporated, to launch their smart TV app.


Awaan features Middle Eastern and Arab content with a wide range of categories and genres that include entertainment, drama, and news among many others. The app can be accessed via Foxxum CTV OS and is available worldwide with a focus in the MENA region.


“We are pleased to partner with Foxxum, one of the pioneering corporations in the field of creative smart TV solutions. This represents a valuable addition in our journey to enable more users all over the globe to enjoy our distinctive content and on all applications and platforms. Awaan being the largest Digital Entertainment OTT Platform in the UAE/ GCC / MENA Region today with Foxxum can expand its global reach and meet the strong demand from its users worldwide.”, says Mrs. Heba AlSamt, Digital Media Radio and TV – Department Director at Dubai Media Inc.


“We are truly thrilled to have partnered with Awaan and to be able to extend our offer with the addition of Awaan app, with its broad selection of content which can now be found on Foxxum CTV OS”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.

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WeTV Video Streaming App Launches on Foxxum CTV OS

PRESS RELEASE / June 15, 2022

Kiel (Germany), June 15, 2022 | Innovator of cutting-edge smart TV solutions for TV manufacturers and content providers, Foxxum, is thrilled to announce the partnership with WeTV, a video streaming app launching on Foxxum CTV OS.


As the global streaming platform of Tencent Video, one of the largest online video platforms in China, WeTV is among the top three OTT platforms in Southeast Asian markets such as: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


Through this partnership, viewers will be able to access the worldwide available WeTV app which features local, international, and original content with movies, entertainment programs and premium TV series with genres spanning from Chinese and Korean dramas to anime series. Additionally, the content library includes high-quality subtitles in Chinese, English, Korean, Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, and Spanish.


“By making WeTV available on Foxxum CTV OS, we will be able to provide a wider selection of diverse content as well as strengthen our worldwide offering and we are excited to partner with such a renowned company”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.



WeTV is an Asian streaming service that sees the creation of premier video-on-demand (VOD) and provides over-the-top (OTT) local content. The streaming service provides content from around the region, inclusive of selected Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Philippines and Thai series and movies. Operating as a freemium service, viewers can access some content without the need for a paid subscription and premium content at a small fee. The basic features also include free subtitles.



Foxxum is a global leader in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions. As an established pioneer in the sector, Foxxum works closely with leading companies at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain to develop Smart TV solutions – from silicon vendors to device manufacturers and network operators. Worldwide partnerships with premium broadcasters and video-on-demand services, video producers and distributors allow Foxxum to provide a best-in-class content portfolio containing the most important global content brands as well as country specific local content providers. Foxxum’s development and platform expertise offer viewers the best Smart TV user experience possible, with innovative Smart TV technology, a global entertaining content portfolio and an outstanding design. Foxxum provides its clients with highly tailored solutions, which includes the possibility of jointly tapping into profitable revenue streams in a technology sector with enormous growth potential. Further information can be found at


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Foxxum Makes Viu App Available on Foxxum CTV OS

ANNOUNCEMENT / June 13, 2022

Users can now find Viu app, the leading Pan-regional over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service on Foxxum CTV OS.


Viu features premium TV series and movies, in full HD from top content providers, with genres ranging from drama and action to comedy and romance from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Turkey, the Middle East, and India.


The content is available in local languages along with English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Burmese, Mandarin, and Arabic subtitles. The app also features a slate of original productions “Viu Original” and offers both ad supported and premium subscription options.


Viu is available in 16 countries which include Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar in Asia and Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the Middle East as well as South Africa.


The app has been launched on selected Foxxum-enabled devices from El Araby (Tornado and Toshiba) and is expected to expand to other devices soon.


“We are incredibly pleased to have added Viu to our portfolio as it expands our reach to 16 important international markets and makes Foxxum CTV OS accessible to other interest groups” says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO and founder.


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Weyyak App Now Available via Foxxum CTV OS

ANNOUNCEMENT / April 12, 2022

Foxxum, a global leader in the development, operation, and commercial marketing of innovative smart TV solutions, and Weyyak have partnered to make their global VOD app available via Foxxum CTV OS.


Weyyak, the global VOD and live streaming platform, features Middle Eastern productions from countries such as Syria, Turkey, and Egypt – plus exclusive Indian, Bollywood and international movies, TV shows and series, in addition to outstanding originals. The variety of genres within the app’s catalog ranges from action and thrillers to comedy and drama. Weyyak app has been launched on a selected number of Foxxum-enabled El Araby devices and will soon expand to other CTV devices.


“It’s great to be able to offer Weyyak app via Foxxum CTV OS. With our well-established global availability, we can offer end users a diverse and high-quality collection of content from the Middle East and India,” says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO and founder.


“We are always keen on making our application available on additional devices for more people to enjoy watching our content. Therefore, it is a pleasure to announce that Weyyak is now available via Foxxum CTV OS”, says Nadine Samra, Chief Business Officer of Weyyak.

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Foxxum Adds Plex App to Its Content Portfolio

ANNOUNCEMENT / March 30, 2022

Foxxum has added global streaming media platform Plex to its content portfolio, making it available now on Foxxum CTV OS.


Plex is a free streaming media service, so there is no subscription or credit card required to watch the over 50,000 on-demand titles and hundreds of live TV channels.

The partnership comprises the launch of Plex on select Foxxum-enabled smart TVs worldwide, from brands such as Vestel, Medion, TCL, Toshiba, Telefunken, Noblex, Konka, Hisense, Hitachi and JVC.


Plex offers nearly 250+ channels of free-to-stream live TV, plus tens of thousands of free on-demand movies and TV shows that are available globally – 24/7 (channel and on-demand content availability varies by region). Through this partnership, viewers will gain access to a wide range of TV programming and titles that span various genres – from action and thriller to comedy and kids to world and entertainment news.


“Adding Plex to Foxxum CTV OS definitely strengthens our worldwide content offering. This will give our users, as well as our CTV clients, even more flexibility. At the end of the day, we are looking to offer a product that suits everyone’s needs,” says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO and founder.

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Foxxum and Radioline partnering to create In-Vehicle Infotainment System (IVI)

PRESS RELEASE / March 11, 2022

Kiel (Germany), March 11th, 2022 | The global smart TV solution provider and innovator, Foxxum, will be working on an In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) solution with Radioline, a global radio and audio provider, after having successfully made Radioline’s smart TV app available on all Foxxum OS-enabled devices in the past.

Radioline’s automotive app offers the largest catalog of 110,000+ local and worldwide radio stations, web-radios, and podcasts (over 10 million episodes), with curated and Premium content catalogs ranging from news, sports, talks to music with channels such as World’s Best and HQ Radio. The app is available in 18 languages, in an intuitive UI designed for in-car experience.

The IVI app features a unique one-touch export of tracks to streaming playlists (Deezer, Spotify, Apple music), search engines, downloadable podcasts, a player, as well as mini- player modes without advertisements, plus, multi-device features where content is synced and can be streamed from several devices – from CTV and mobile to IVI.

“Foxxum has an impressive footprint in Connected TV in a fruitful relationship with us, we are confident in their success in the automotive sector” underlines Xavier Filliol, COO at Radioline.

“We are very pleased to collaborate again with Radioline and build upon our established partnership in CTV, with an IVI radio app which will further expand our presence in the automotive business”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.

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Foxxum Among Finalists at Digiday Video & TV Awards 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT / February 10, 2022

We have some fantastic news to share: Foxxum has been nominated as a finalist at this year’s Digiday Video & TV Awards in the category ‘Best Connected TV Platform’ among the other CTV platform nominees Atmosphere, Digital Remedy, Innovid, Premion and Publica.

Digiday Media is an American media company that delivers news on media, advertising, and publishing topics on a daily basis through its online media magazine, Digiday. Furthermore, Digiday organizes events such as industry summits and awards like the Digiday Video and TV Awards, which recognize technologies, companies and campaigns in the video and TV industries that are modernizing and innovating the scene.

We are beyond proud to be recognized for our expertise and experience which we have gained over the past 10+ years since Foxxum’s founding. During this time, we have become a global leader in the development, operation, and commercial marketing for innovative and customized CTV solutions as well as CTV/smart TV app development solutions and have been working with a wide range of TV brands and OEM manufacturers worldwide such as Hisense, Vestel, Toshiba, TCL, and Sharp.


All of this wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal and amazing team – so many thanks to everyone here at Foxxum for their hard work and dedication.


In addition, our sister company rlaxx TV has been nominated twice in the categories ‘Best FAST Service’ and ‘Best Streaming Service’. This puts rlaxx TV in line with other nominees such as Samsung (FAST Service) and CBS Interactive and Discovery, Inc. (Best Streaming Service).


We look forward to the announcement of the winners on March 24, 2022. For more information about the awards and the full shortlist, you can click here.


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