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Foxxum Has Added All Flamenco to its App Store

APP RELEASE / July 29, 2021

End-users with a Foxxum-enabled smart TV can enjoy the breadth of flamenco culture – with its hundreds of unique and fascinating dances, instrumental performances, and songs – straight from the comfort of their living rooms, in 4K resolution and without advertisements.


The All Flamenco smart TV app offers viewers a broad selection of content, ranging from flamenco festival, recitals, fashion and dancing shows, to concerts, exclusive interviews, reports, films, and documentaries – including monthly premieres.


For viewers who want to learn and immerse themselves even deeper into the world of flamenco, the All Flamenco app additionally features flamenco dance classes as well as master classes, to turn flamenco enthusiasts into true afficionados.


“All Flamenco is an important app for the Spanish and international market, as this partnership makes the Foxxum App Store attractive for yet another interest group”, says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO. “Furthermore, we are proud to contribute to making the flamenco culture easily accessible worldwide.”


“We are delighted with the collaboration with Foxxum, as it broadens the scope of such a universal art as flamenco, allowing its large international audience to continue to experience it with the highest quality”, says Carlos Navia, CEO of Digital Cornucopia, ALL FLAMENCO’s publishing company.


The app is available in English, Spanish and Japanese and can be accessed worldwide on the TV brands: Hisense, Medion, Kayve, Profilo, Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC, and Telefunken.

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Arabic indie movie Streaming App Istikana is now available on Foxxum App Store

APP RELEASE / June 16, 2021

Istikana, a leading video-on-demand service from the Arab World, has released its smart TV application on the Foxxum App Store. Istikana offers a unique Arabic library of over 7 thousand hours of independent films, documentaries, short films, classics, and more. The new Istikana smart TV app will allow for a convenient and unique viewing experience for its subscribers directly on their televisions.


Tareq Abu-Lughod, Istikana CEO, said, “Our partnership with Foxxum is important to us since it provides our content to a wider customer-base in a form that is convenient to them. We are committed to showcasing the best independent Arabic video content to our subscribers and helping Arab filmmakers expand their audiences globally”.


“Through our cooperation with Istikana, we are bringing a large library of unique independent Arabic content through our well established globally available platform in the region and to Arabic speaking viewers around the world”, says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO


The Istikana streaming app is available on select El Araby devices with the Foxxum App Store, such as Tornado and Toshiba amongst a variety of other smart TV brands such as Daiko and Profilo in the MENA region as well as Medion, Hisense, Sharp and Blaupunkt internationally.


Users can enjoy the app by searching for Istikana within the device’s app store.


About Istikana

Istikana is a Subscription Video On Demand Platform that brings the best Arabic independent cinema to the world. The platform showcases never-seen before independent films, documentaries, short films, hard to find classics, and more. Istikana is available on the web, mobile web, mobile devices, and Smart TVs. To learn more visit:



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Foxxum Develops Smart TV App for Australia’s Leading Telecommunications and Technology Company Telstra

ANNOUNCEMENT / May 21, 2021

Foxxum has developed its first smart TV app for the Australian market, and the customer is none other than Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company Telstra.  Foxxum has undertaken a complete revamp of the popular Telstra TV Box Office app bringing it up to speed with the latest smart TV trends.


The TVOD offering can be installed on Telstra’s Set-top-box (TelstraTV), PC and laptop as well as iOS and Android mobile phones. The smart TV integration completed by Foxxum, brings the Box Office app to customers’ big screens at home via Panasonic, LG and Samsung devices in Australia.


Telstra TV Box Office contains a large library of recently released and back catalogue movies and TV series and box sets from numerous movie studios and production houses which users can either rent or buy.


“We are very proud that we were able to work with the major telecommunications provider in the Australian market and demonstrate our design, development and delivery qualities”, says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO.


The app has been available for Australian users since mid-January.

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Selecta TV Expands its Availability with Foxxum

ANNOUNCEMENT / April 6, 2021

Classical music fans with Foxxum-enabled smart TVs from the brands Newsan & Philco (Argentina), Hisense (Europe & APAC), Panasonic (Brazil & LATAM), among others, can now enjoy subscription-based VOD service Selecta TV’s operettas, concerts and ballets in their living rooms around the globe.


The content from Selecta TV is available in the languages English, Spanish and Portuguese and classified in the three categories: concerts, operas and ballets. Additionally, classical music fans can enjoy special editions of iconic pieces and weekly content releases.


“We are pleased with this partnership as it allows us to reach more and more smart TV users with our application and to enable them to enjoy our content with the best image and sound quality”, says Federico Scialabba, Founder of Selecta TV.


“With Selecta TV, we are expanding the range of the Foxxum App Store content portfolio, delivering classical music to all generations and tastes. What makes the app even more special is that it addresses a particular audience, which is all too often not considered in smart TV and app development nowadays”, comments Ronny Lutzi, CEO of Foxxum.

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Anghami Music App now available on Foxxum App Store

ANNOUNCEMENT / February 25, 2021

Users of Tornado and Toshiba smart TV devices can now enjoy a library of millions of Arabic and international songs, music videos and podcasts on their smart TVs – for free. Through the partnership with Anghami, Foxxum has brought the MENA region’s leading music platform on board of its Foxxum App Store.


With the Anghami smart TV app, viewers with a Toshiba or Tornado smart TV can listen to music or to users’ live radio broadcasts and enjoy live concerts on the big screen. Other smart TV brands from the Middle East like Hitachi and Vestel will follow soon. 

The app features licensed content from leading Arabic and International music labels, while the service has everything else you would expect from an excellent music app.


“At Anghami, we are continuously aiming to be available across all devices and platforms that our users love. We are delighted to be working with Foxxum to increase our reach across the network of television partners they provide in the region, hence further extending the Anghami music experience to our user’s living room”, says Choucri Khairallah, VP of Business Development at Anghami.


“With the Anghami app, our portfolio in the Foxxum App Store becomes even broader. Not only can we offer good music on the TV but we have also gained the most popular music app provider in the MENA region”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.


ABOUT Anghami

Anghami is the leading music platform in the MENA region with more than 50 million songs to search from, stream, download and share. The unlimited, on-the-go music streaming service enables users to discover new music, share tracks in real-time through social networks and download content for offline play.

The company’s mission is to pioneer an ecosystem for the production and distribution of music in the Arab world, connecting artists, fans and emerging talents around music. Anghami features licensed content from leading Arab and international labels.

Founded in 2012 by Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib, a team of music and tech fanatics, Anghami is a company with affiliates and offices in Beirut, Dubai, Cairo and Riyadh.

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OSN Streaming App now on Foxxum TVs

ANNOUNCEMENT / January 28, 2021

Foxxum is proud to cooperate with MENA’s leading entertainment hub, with the rights to broadcast in 17 countries across Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA).

The OSN streaming app now enriches the Foxxum App Store with premium content from HBO, Paramount+ and Universal in Arabic, English and Filipino. In addition, OSN is the exclusive distributor of Disney+ originals, including Disney Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and National Geographic, in the Middle East. In addition to bringing the latest first-class international content at the same minute as in the US, the app features OSN originals and eleven local and regional channels.


At this stage, the OSN streaming app is available on select El Araby devices with Foxxum App Store, such as Tornado and Toshiba. Other smart TV brands like Hisense, Vestel, TCL, Daiko and more will follow in the coming months.




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Foxxum Captures the Slovak Market with Voyo

ANNOUNCEMENT / December 16, 2020

Foxxum-enabled device users can now enjoy the most popular live TV and Video-on-demand service in the Slovak Republic. With this partnership, Foxxum has one of the Slovak key video libraries of FTA broadcasters with the largest market share on board.


The SVOD-App VOYO provides a wide variety of premium content such as popular pre-premieres of national series and shows such as Oteckovia, Pán profesor, Horná Dolná or Farma, which can be viewed up to 24 days prior to the official TV or movie premieres. Furthermore, VOYO offers famous soap operas, live sport events as well as kids programs. The application is now available on the devices from Foxxum’s client Vestel, which include TV brands such as Hitachi, JVC, Telefunken and Toshiba.


“Our priority is to provide customers with as much new high quality content as possible, which can be consumed by subscribers on a wide range of devices. Furthermore, we plan to continue to strengthen VOYO‘s brand position in the market of premium SVOD services with a lot of attractive and exclusive content,” said Tony Zdarilek, Markíza Group´s Head of Digital and Diversification.

Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH adds: “We are very proud that we have been able to win the strongest TV group in the Slovakian market as a partner, so now our end users have access to the largest content provider in the country”.


ABOUT Markíza

 Markíza Group is the leading TV group in Slovakia, which operates four TV channels (Markíza, Doma, Dajto, Markíza International), one streaming service (VOYO) and several online and mobile offerings. Markíza Group is part of the media and entertainment company Central European Media Enterprises (CME), which is active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia and was recently acquired by the Czech investor – PPF Group. 

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You can now WATCH iT! on Toshiba and Tornado Foxxum-enabled Smart TVs

ANNOUNCEMENT / December 14, 2020

Foxxum is happy to welcome a new member to its Smart TV app family.

WATCH iT! enriches the Foxxum App Store with premium content for Arabic-speaking viewers all over the world.


WATCH iT!, established in 2019, is Egypt’s first Video-on-demand service which caters to the Arabic audience around the world. This new Smart TV App on Foxxum-enabled TVs provides an amazing viewing experience combined with a varied content offer across different categories. The extensive catalogue of the SVOD app includes top series, sports, documentaries, blockbuster movies and theatrical plays; in Full HD quality, live and on demand. Other highlights include exclusive new Ramadan releases and original WATCH iT! content. The media library is updated monthly.


“Through our cooperation with WATCH iT!, we can introduce best in-class premium Arabic content to our viewers around the world”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH


WATCH iT! is available on Foxxum enabled devices from El Araby (Toshiba, Tornado). Other devices like Hisense, Vestel, TCL, Daiko and more will follow soon.


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Foxxum & rlaxx TV Bid to Conquer the Avod Market

ANNOUNCEMENT / November 13, 2020

Linear television experience with video-on-demand comfort.


As one of the world’s leading developers of Smart TV apps and platforms, Foxxum knows exactly what a good streaming service needs. With the experience and knowledge of user’s video content consumption, the founders of Foxxum have now launched their own free video streaming product rlaxx TV.


rlaxx TV combines the advantages of a linear television experience with flexible video-on-demand comfort. The content in the rlaxx TV app is presented in theme-based channels, which viewers can simply tune in to avoid long search times. Moreover, it’s possible to skip content by fast-forwarding and rewinding within the channel. Viewers can also access individual videos from the programming at any time in the on-demand section of the service. These features combine the relaxed enjoyment of linear TV with the individuality and precision of video-on-demand, in just one app.  


The channel offering, which includes anything from music, sports, kids, lifestyle to adventure as well as international feature films, mainly stems from Foxxum’s extensive content partner network, which expanded over the years and is constantly growing. rlaxx TV is financed through advertising and is therefore completely free for viewers to enjoy.


Through the connection to the sister company Foxxum, rlaxx TV is available from day one in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and UK on Smart TVs from Hisense, Medion, Metz, Sharp, Telefunken, TCL, Toshiba, Vestel, and many more.  Currently reaching about 25 percent of the Smart TVs in each of these European markets, rlaxx TV will soon be launched in further countries and all Foxxum-enabled Smart TVs worldwide.


As its official app development partner, Foxxum will also support rlaxx TV in their multiplatform strategy that embraces all OTT devices. At the end of November 2020, rlaxx TV will be launched on Amazon Fire TV. Further apps for other smart TVs, media streamers, mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, desktops and laptops will be released in the next months.

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Vevo Scales its Offering by Partnering with Foxxum

PRESS RELEASE / October 26, 2020

New York, October 26, 2020: Vevo, the leading all-premium music video platform, today announced a partnership with Foxxum, an innovator in cutting-edge Smart TV solutions for TV manufacturers and content providers. The agreement will make Vevo’s unparalleled premium music video content catalog available on over 20 million Foxxum-enabled devices.


The partnership will bring the Vevo catalog to a broad array of smart TVs managed by Foxxum in North America, Europe, Australia, and South America. Vevo will retain full editorial control of its content, with audiences having access to localized and global content dependent on geographic location.


“The addition of Foxxum as a smart TV scaling partner is a significant effort in our OTT strategy,” said Bernarda Duarte, VP Business Development, Vevo. “With the vast scale provided by Foxxum’s network of television partners, we will have the opportunity to deliver our library of music videos and original content to even more viewers around the world, tapping into key growing markets, and expanding our efforts around returning music videos to the living room.”


Foxxum specializes in tailor-made smart TV solutions which are developed in close collaboration, with their customers, at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain, from silicon vendors through to Device Manufacturers (OEM), CE brands, TV operators and Content Providers.


“We are delighted to collaborate with Vevo. Our users will now be able to enjoy Vevo’s brilliant music video experience on their smart TVs and watch the great variety of high-quality music video content offered in their application. This is a significant addition to our premium app catalogue, and we are certain that our footprint and platform’s user experience will enhance Vevo’s global audience”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.

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