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PRESS RELEASE / November 5, 2021

Kiel (Germany), November 05, 2021 – The Spanish video-on-demand streaming app ATRESplayer is now available on the Foxxum App Store. The ATRESplayer app was created as a catch-up service from Atresmedia – one of the leading media publishing houses in Spain, that owns multiple popular private TV channels like Antena 3 and laSexta, which broadcast nationwide.

With the ATRESplayer app, viewers can gain access to all the programs from Antena 3, laSexta, Antena 3 International and the entire streaming content on Flooxer.


ATRESplayer is a freemium service, offering a free but limited selection of content with ads.

Additionally, users can purchase a monthly subscription to access all the ad-free content with ATRESplayer PREMIUM. The app is accessible worldwide and users who live outside of Spain can simply purchase the ATRESplayer PREMIUM International subscription to access the exclusive premium content.


Audiences who, for example, want to catch-up on the interviews of national and international celebrities, can find all the episodes from the entire seasons of the highly popular TV show “El Hormiguero 3.0“on the ATRESplayer app. In addition, viewers can enjoy a broad variety of TV series like “Los Hombres de Paco”, TV shows like “Mask Singer: Adivina Quién Canta”, the news, Spanish movies like “Veneno” and telenovelas such as “Amar es Para Siempre”.


“We are very proud to integrate ATRESplayer in this new world of smart TVs around the globe, high quality brands and devices that will strengthen our content, and FOXXUM gave us this opportunity to be closer to our subscribers,” says Juan Ignacio Jimenez Gargantilla, Director of Digital Business Development of Atresmedia.


“The addition of the ATRESplayer app to our Foxxum App Store is very special to us and brings tremendous value to our Spanish and international market. We are extremely delighted to be able to share the incredible content on the ATRESplayer app with our Spanish speaking viewers worldwide,” says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.


The ATRESplayer app is available on all Vestel devices and TV brands such as: Toshiba, Telefunken, Hitachi, and JVC.

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ADZINE Interview with Foxxum’s President Dirk Wittenborg

PRESS / October 18, 2021

Foxxum’s president Dirk Wittenborg sat down for a highly interesting interview with the German news magazine ADZINE to talk about the current state of the CTV world and market – from monetization options for operating systems to toll bridges, walled gardens, and the general outlook of the CTV world in the future, among other topics.

Below you will find the translated English version of the interview. To read the original German interview on the ADZINE website, click here. 


The Global Battle for Toll Bridges in CTV

When people in the advertising industry talk about CTV, most people immediately think of app providers and their streams. However, there is another level before that – the operating systems. With Foxxum, Dirk Wittenborg introduces such a CTV operating system, which is used by various TV brands in a similar way to Android TV or Amazon Fire. After Samsung, Foxxum is the second largest CTV platform in Europe, but nobody knows this because it’s used as a white-label solution. Simultaneously, Foxxum’s Kiel-based team develops CTV apps and operates rlaxx TV, a linear AVOD+FAST service. In this interview, Wittenborg explains why the real battle in CTV is taking place worldwide at a platform level and who will win the race.


ADZINE: Hello Dirk. How does the marketing on CTVs work when we go to the level of operating systems?


Dirk Wittenborg: Generally, the app providers work together with the platform partner, for example with us or Samsung. Nowadays, this often boils down to an inventory split because Amazon has shaped it that way. The platforms often want thirty percent of the inventory – which is just insanely expensive because it’s usually not there as a margin. We do this differently. For example, the TV manufacturer Sharp uses our operating system in Europe. We take over the marketing here and share the revenue with the brand.

ADZINE: What are the monetization options for operating systems?


Wittenborg: There are three levels: firstly, there’s the placement – if someone wants to, for example, sit next to Netflix on the landing page. These are the so-called placement fees. That’s when display banners are possible on the landing page of the platform.

And thirdly, you can work with pre-rolls or post-rolls, depending on the legal agreements in the video playout. Of course, you need the appropriate permissions for this. At rlaxx TV, we show an advertising video in a recommendation layer, where we recommend content from another app before it gets clicked. However, the partner must first allow the recommendation, followed by the marketing.


ADZINE: What about pre-, post-, and mid-rolls within streams?


Wittenborg: At this point, we’re directly in the video playout. Starting from an ecosystem, you take the app to a foreign country. Usually, the app owner takes over the marketing there, but signs a revenue share agreement with the platform. The classic rate for distribution is thirty percent, which dates all the way back to the old YouTube world. As I said, today it’s often not thirty percent of the revenue, but rather thirty percent of the inventory.


ADZINE: Advertisers are very interested in advertising on CTV, but it hasn’t really taken off yet, at least in Germany. What’s the problem?


Wittenborg: Germans are, simply speaking, specialists in making everything complicated. Marketing in CTV in this country often runs through sisters of the traditional TV marketers. Prosieben and RTL try to keep this situation as stable as possible for as long as possible. And the advertising industry is very conservative, they are doing what they know for now.

Nevertheless, U.S. players like Roku and Pluto are already here. Their advertising models are already established in the U.S., and they will also establish themselves here through view time and aggressive marketing.


ADZINE: The CTV market in Europe is very fragmented. Recently, one of our guest authors – from RTL – outlined an AdTech platform for CTV that covers several European markets and bundles TV-like advertising inventory. Do you think this is realistic?


Wittenborg: It’s realistic, but it won’t happen. It’s like the old Roman Empire. It’s a question of who sets up the toll stations. On the one hand, we have the cable network operator, who determines – via his subscribers and his set-top box – which of the advertisers gets into the living room. Then we have the satellite distribution channels like SES Astra, which in turn determine what it costs there.

In CTV, you’ll find walled gardens like from Samsung or LG. Sony and Phillips run ninety percent of their TVs on Android TV, so this walled garden is effectively run by Google. If someone wants to start an advertising community for CTV, then it’s called Google in the end anyway. But they’re definitely not going to join anywhere.


ADZINE: Who is building the most toll bridges?


Wittenborg: There’s a lot of speed on the market. In the U.S., Amazon has just announced that it’s developing its own TV set. They already sell their own chips for their cloud service, and the next step will be chips for end devices, like Apple is already doing. The goal here is maximum distribution of the toll bridges.

At a local level, the players are all different. The television market in Austria is perhaps still similar to the one in Germany, but in France or Spain it’s completely different. In the CTV field, Android, Amazon, Roku and maybe Facebook are the main players with global ambitions. There just aren’t many that market globally.


ADZINE: What made you think of Facebook?


Wittenborg: Facebook is looking for growth. Users on social media are no longer growing as strongly and advertising intensity has been exhausted there too. So, outside of the mobile space, the big TV screen is still the best place to advertise.

It’s just a question of who Facebook buys. Maybe it will be Roku – they only cost forty-five billion. Microsoft is sure to follow the same strategy soon. They could even buy Roku and Netflix with ease. And Disney, too, if they wanted to. In two years, Disney will have surpassed Netflix, and then it will be exciting to see what the even bigger ones do.

To put it this way: The giants in the USA have woken up. Amazon has just bought some content from MGM for 9 billion. But that’s still low compared to what one can spend.


ADZINE: Who do you see as the winner of this game?


Wittenborg: Netflix doesn’t have the financial strength to compete against players like Amazon, Google, or Facebook once they build the toll bridges and simply copy and displace Netflix. Disney, too, is very strong worldwide and has content brands like Mickey Mouse or Marvel and even theme parks – Netflix is far away from that. Plus, a lot of the content today is produced just to keep subscribers from leaving. So, the cost of content is going up, as is the cost of marketing due to increased competition.


ADZINE: How is this resolved?


Wittenborg: Above all, there will be a big race for the toll bridges, i.e., there will be a battle for the operating systems. Sixty percent belong to the big brands like Samsung, LG etc. forty percent are independent. Here in Germany these include Medion or Orion from the Otto Group. In each country, there are between three and five local brands, which are usually as big as Samsung. Everyone is fighting for this market right now. Samsung has gone from being a manufacturer to a global broadcaster. No one is attacking them directly, so it’s better to offer the local brands an operating system. That’s what we’re doing. For two years now, we’ve been competing with Android, Amazon, and Roku.

Google pays manufacturers ten dollars to use their operating system. At one-hundred million TV sets, Google is pricing the ticket to enter the game at a billion – in the first year. To build a base, they need five to seven years. That puts us at five to seven billion U.S. dollars, and that’s how much it costs just to participate. That’s an expensive gig.


ADZINE: Thank you very much for the interview!



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PRESS RELEASE / October 19, 2021

Kiel (Germany), October 19, 2021 – Foxxum, global and innovative leader in the Smart TV solutions sector, has partnered with Turkey’s first and biggest premium AVOD streaming service puhutv to develop their smart TV app.

puhutv is part of the Doğuş Group (Doğuş Holding A.Ş.), which is one of the largest, privately held conglomerates in Turkey. Their portfolio includes more than 300 companies with six core businesses in the automotive, construction, hospitality & retail, real estate, energy, and media sector, to which puhutv belongs.


Foxxum has been collaborating with Doğuş for years, having developed other smart TV apps such as Kral TV, and they are now continuing their successful partnership by utilizing Foxxum’s outstanding smart TV know-how for the app development of the premium AVOD streaming service puhutv.


The puhutv app offers viewers TV and film content, comprised of foreign and Turkish films that range from dramas to comedies, Turkish soap operas, documentaries, music and TV shows, live broadcasts as well as their originally produced content, puhutv Original.


The app will be available in Turkey in Turkish, Arabic, and Spanish and can be accessed on the Foxxum-enabled smart TV devices Hisense, Blaupunkt, Profilo, Vestel and Sharp and on the smart TV brands Samsung, LG, Beko, Grundig, Philips and Sony. 


“In line with changing user and content consumption reflexes, we are very pleased to leave the development of smart TV of our new puhutv product focused on user experience to the deep experience of FOXXUM. We are confident that this long-term collaboration will have successful results”, says Anıl Taşhan, Business Development Manager at puhutv.


“We are very proud to collaborate with the Doğuş Group once again and to develop the app of their AVOD service puhutv. Through this collaboration, we are gaining another valued premium client and further expanding our market share in Turkey”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.

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Foxxum Has Added All Flamenco to its App Store

APP RELEASE / July 29, 2021

End-users with a Foxxum-enabled smart TV can enjoy the breadth of flamenco culture – with its hundreds of unique and fascinating dances, instrumental performances, and songs – straight from the comfort of their living rooms, in 4K resolution and without advertisements.


The All Flamenco smart TV app offers viewers a broad selection of content, ranging from flamenco festival, recitals, fashion and dancing shows, to concerts, exclusive interviews, reports, films, and documentaries – including monthly premieres.


For viewers who want to learn and immerse themselves even deeper into the world of flamenco, the All Flamenco app additionally features flamenco dance classes as well as master classes, to turn flamenco enthusiasts into true afficionados.


“All Flamenco is an important app for the Spanish and international market, as this partnership makes the Foxxum App Store attractive for yet another interest group”, says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO. “Furthermore, we are proud to contribute to making the flamenco culture easily accessible worldwide.”


“We are delighted with the collaboration with Foxxum, as it broadens the scope of such a universal art as flamenco, allowing its large international audience to continue to experience it with the highest quality”, says Carlos Navia, CEO of Digital Cornucopia, ALL FLAMENCO’s publishing company.


The app is available in English, Spanish and Japanese and can be accessed worldwide on the TV brands: Hisense, Medion, Kayve, Profilo, Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC, and Telefunken.

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Arabic indie movie Streaming App Istikana is now available on Foxxum App Store

APP RELEASE / June 16, 2021

Istikana, a leading video-on-demand service from the Arab World, has released its smart TV application on the Foxxum App Store. Istikana offers a unique Arabic library of over 7 thousand hours of independent films, documentaries, short films, classics, and more. The new Istikana smart TV app will allow for a convenient and unique viewing experience for its subscribers directly on their televisions.


Tareq Abu-Lughod, Istikana CEO, said, “Our partnership with Foxxum is important to us since it provides our content to a wider customer-base in a form that is convenient to them. We are committed to showcasing the best independent Arabic video content to our subscribers and helping Arab filmmakers expand their audiences globally”.


“Through our cooperation with Istikana, we are bringing a large library of unique independent Arabic content through our well established globally available platform in the region and to Arabic speaking viewers around the world”, says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO


The Istikana streaming app is available on select El Araby devices with the Foxxum App Store, such as Tornado and Toshiba amongst a variety of other smart TV brands such as Daiko and Profilo in the MENA region as well as Medion, Hisense, Sharp and Blaupunkt internationally.


Users can enjoy the app by searching for Istikana within the device’s app store.


About Istikana

Istikana is a Subscription Video On Demand Platform that brings the best Arabic independent cinema to the world. The platform showcases never-seen before independent films, documentaries, short films, hard to find classics, and more. Istikana is available on the web, mobile web, mobile devices, and Smart TVs. To learn more visit:



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Foxxum Develops Smart TV App for Australia’s Leading Telecommunications and Technology Company Telstra

ANNOUNCEMENT / May 21, 2021

Foxxum has developed its first smart TV app for the Australian market, and the customer is none other than Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company Telstra.  Foxxum has undertaken a complete revamp of the popular Telstra TV Box Office app bringing it up to speed with the latest smart TV trends.


The TVOD offering can be installed on Telstra’s Set-top-box (TelstraTV), PC and laptop as well as iOS and Android mobile phones. The smart TV integration completed by Foxxum, brings the Box Office app to customers’ big screens at home via Panasonic, LG and Samsung devices in Australia.


Telstra TV Box Office contains a large library of recently released and back catalogue movies and TV series and box sets from numerous movie studios and production houses which users can either rent or buy.


“We are very proud that we were able to work with the major telecommunications provider in the Australian market and demonstrate our design, development and delivery qualities”, says Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO.


The app has been available for Australian users since mid-January.

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Selecta TV Expands its Availability with Foxxum

ANNOUNCEMENT / April 6, 2021

Classical music fans with Foxxum-enabled smart TVs from the brands Newsan & Philco (Argentina), Hisense (Europe & APAC), Panasonic (Brazil & LATAM), among others, can now enjoy subscription-based VOD service Selecta TV’s operettas, concerts and ballets in their living rooms around the globe.


The content from Selecta TV is available in the languages English, Spanish and Portuguese and classified in the three categories: concerts, operas and ballets. Additionally, classical music fans can enjoy special editions of iconic pieces and weekly content releases.


“We are pleased with this partnership as it allows us to reach more and more smart TV users with our application and to enable them to enjoy our content with the best image and sound quality”, says Federico Scialabba, Founder of Selecta TV.


“With Selecta TV, we are expanding the range of the Foxxum App Store content portfolio, delivering classical music to all generations and tastes. What makes the app even more special is that it addresses a particular audience, which is all too often not considered in smart TV and app development nowadays”, comments Ronny Lutzi, CEO of Foxxum.

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Anghami Music App now available on Foxxum App Store

ANNOUNCEMENT / February 25, 2021

Users of Tornado and Toshiba smart TV devices can now enjoy a library of millions of Arabic and international songs, music videos and podcasts on their smart TVs – for free. Through the partnership with Anghami, Foxxum has brought the MENA region’s leading music platform on board of its Foxxum App Store.


With the Anghami smart TV app, viewers with a Toshiba or Tornado smart TV can listen to music or to users’ live radio broadcasts and enjoy live concerts on the big screen. Other smart TV brands from the Middle East like Hitachi and Vestel will follow soon. 

The app features licensed content from leading Arabic and International music labels, while the service has everything else you would expect from an excellent music app.


“At Anghami, we are continuously aiming to be available across all devices and platforms that our users love. We are delighted to be working with Foxxum to increase our reach across the network of television partners they provide in the region, hence further extending the Anghami music experience to our user’s living room”, says Choucri Khairallah, VP of Business Development at Anghami.


“With the Anghami app, our portfolio in the Foxxum App Store becomes even broader. Not only can we offer good music on the TV but we have also gained the most popular music app provider in the MENA region”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.


ABOUT Anghami

Anghami is the leading music platform in the MENA region with more than 50 million songs to search from, stream, download and share. The unlimited, on-the-go music streaming service enables users to discover new music, share tracks in real-time through social networks and download content for offline play.

The company’s mission is to pioneer an ecosystem for the production and distribution of music in the Arab world, connecting artists, fans and emerging talents around music. Anghami features licensed content from leading Arab and international labels.

Founded in 2012 by Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib, a team of music and tech fanatics, Anghami is a company with affiliates and offices in Beirut, Dubai, Cairo and Riyadh.

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OSN Streaming App now on Foxxum TVs

ANNOUNCEMENT / January 28, 2021

Foxxum is proud to cooperate with MENA’s leading entertainment hub, with the rights to broadcast in 17 countries across Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA).

The OSN streaming app now enriches the Foxxum App Store with premium content from HBO, Paramount+ and Universal in Arabic, English and Filipino. In addition, OSN is the exclusive distributor of Disney+ originals, including Disney Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and National Geographic, in the Middle East. In addition to bringing the latest first-class international content at the same minute as in the US, the app features OSN originals and eleven local and regional channels.


At this stage, the OSN streaming app is available on select El Araby devices with Foxxum App Store, such as Tornado and Toshiba. Other smart TV brands like Hisense, Vestel, TCL, Daiko and more will follow in the coming months.




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Foxxum Captures the Slovak Market with Voyo

ANNOUNCEMENT / December 16, 2020

Foxxum-enabled device users can now enjoy the most popular live TV and Video-on-demand service in the Slovak Republic. With this partnership, Foxxum has one of the Slovak key video libraries of FTA broadcasters with the largest market share on board.


The SVOD-App VOYO provides a wide variety of premium content such as popular pre-premieres of national series and shows such as Oteckovia, Pán profesor, Horná Dolná or Farma, which can be viewed up to 24 days prior to the official TV or movie premieres. Furthermore, VOYO offers famous soap operas, live sport events as well as kids programs. The application is now available on the devices from Foxxum’s client Vestel, which include TV brands such as Hitachi, JVC, Telefunken and Toshiba.


“Our priority is to provide customers with as much new high quality content as possible, which can be consumed by subscribers on a wide range of devices. Furthermore, we plan to continue to strengthen VOYO‘s brand position in the market of premium SVOD services with a lot of attractive and exclusive content,” said Tony Zdarilek, Markíza Group´s Head of Digital and Diversification.

Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH adds: “We are very proud that we have been able to win the strongest TV group in the Slovakian market as a partner, so now our end users have access to the largest content provider in the country”.


ABOUT Markíza

 Markíza Group is the leading TV group in Slovakia, which operates four TV channels (Markíza, Doma, Dajto, Markíza International), one streaming service (VOYO) and several online and mobile offerings. Markíza Group is part of the media and entertainment company Central European Media Enterprises (CME), which is active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia and was recently acquired by the Czech investor – PPF Group. 

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