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EPIC ON join hands with Foxxum

PRESS RELEASE / March 12, 2020

Mumbai, March 12th, 2020: EPIC ON, the premium video-on-demand platform known for its diverse India-centric content by IN10 Media Network today announced a major partnership with Foxxum GmbH, global leader in the development and operation of innovative Smart TV solutions. As part of the collaboration, EPIC ON will provide its library of premium content on the Foxxum-enabled devices worldwide, including Panasonic, Vestel, Hisense, Skyworth, and Sharp among many others. 


This association further increases EPIC ON’s reach across Smart TV platforms and strengthens its presence in key markets such as America, Europe and MENA with large Indian diaspora. Users of Foxxum can now easily access EPIC ON’s eclectic content library with renowned shows like ‘Stories By Rabindranath Tagore’ directed by film maker Anurag Basu; ‘Mid-Wicket Tales with Naseeruddin Shah’; Indian mythological courtroom drama, ‘Dharmakshetra’; ‘Umeed India’ with ace cricketer Virender Sehwag; ‘Sharanam’ with Juhi Chawla; ‘Raja, Rasoi aur Andaz Anokha’ hosted by renowned chef Ranveer Brar; Sakshi Tanwar’s ‘Tyohaar Ki Thaali’, among others.


Commenting on the collaboration, Sourjya Mohanty, COO at EPIC ON, said, “At EPIC ON, we are tirelessly working towards associating with global brands to enhance the consumer viewing experience and engage with a newer set of audiences. Our partnership with Foxxum further fortifies our mission of robust alliances and expanding our reach across Smart TV users.” Further added, “EPIC ON’s content encompasses diverse tales about India, varying perspectives and narratives which have not been seen before and travels well without boundaries of geography, or nationality.”


“A paradigm change is happening within content landscape. Content production, organization, distribution; all are in midst of tremendous change. EPIC ON, with its focus on myths, folklore and cultural tales and Foxxum with its know-how of Smart TV technologies join hands to make the EPIC ON experience available on Smart TVs worldwide and push the envelope for digital content consumption”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH.

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Viewster App expands global reach through Foxxum

PRESS RELEASE / February 11, 2020

As part of the re-launch of Cinedigm’s (NASDAQ: CIDM) popular Viewster ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service, the Company announced today a partnership with Foxxum

— a global leader in the development, operation, and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions — to expand Viewster’s device support to include Foxxum-supported devices worldwide, including TCL, Sharp, Hisense and Vestel televisions. The Viewster app was developed using Cinedigm’s proprietary Matchpoint Blueprint™ application development platform.


The agreement further establishes Cinedigm’s status as an emerging leader in the international OTT marketplace, making the Company’s acclaimed roster of diverse and eclectic content easily accessible to viewers across the globe on televisions from most major manufacturers. In addition to the Foxxum-supported Smart TV devices, Cinedigm’s growing portfolio of premium digital-first networks now have wide distribution across all top-tier TV manufacturers including Samsung, VIZIO, Philips, and LG, among many others.


This move not only increases Cinedigm’s massive global footprint — delivering Viewster’s library of hit films and series to even more viewers around the world — but it also allows Cinedigm to utilize Foxxum’s unprecedented expertise in the areas of content and channel development, operations, marketing, and more, by providing the Company access to the platform’s global ecosystem of connected Smart TV devices.


The Viewster app is powered by Cinedigm’s highly-scalable application development platform Matchpoint Blueprint which enables content distributors and content owners to efficiently and cost-effectively create compelling ad-supported and subscription-based video streaming services. Matchpoint Blueprint will play a crucial role in the international rollout and market expansion of the Viewster app, as the Company utilizes the platform for all of its end-to-end needs in order to enable a more robust user experience across a wide range of connected televisions.


“Foxxum is a leading force in the international Smart TV marketplace, providing dynamic and innovative services to a wide array of connected devices across the industry,” said Tony Huidor, Cinedigm’s Senior Vice President of Product & Technology. “This partnership is a vital piece of Cinedigm’s continued mission to redefine the traditional television experience — expanding Cinedigm’s global footprint even further while also allowing us to introduce the tremendous capabilities of our Matchpoint Blueprint service to additional markets through Foxxum’s extensive reach on Smart TVs.”

“It is great to keep growing with partners like Cinedigm who add value to the Foxxum App store through Viewster and offer our viewers a huge variety of films and series all over the world. Such kind of cooperation strengthens our App Portfolio and boosts user engagement on our Smart TV platforms”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

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New Apps on the Foxxum App store

APP RELEASE / February 11, 2020

In the last couple of months, we released a great number of new apps in the Foxxum App store. Right here we will give you a quick summary of some of these apps.

From now on we will regularly keep you updated on all app launches within our store.



With this IPTV service it is possible to watch hundreds of TV channels online for free like Vietnam TV and Armenia 1. Additionally, there is a paid package which includes popular kids and sport TV channels such as Karousel, Kids Movie, Auto 24 and Russian Extreme.


Puhu TV

This app has its roots in Turkey and offers hundreds of national TV series and movies. Alongside this collection they also show a huge variety of international films.



Mitele is the on-demand service of Mediaset España. It contains a big catalogue of national and foreign series, movies, entertainment programs, sports and kids’ content. All in one single app.


Z5 Weyyak

This is Zee Entertainment’s AVOD service which targets the MENA region with content for all ages and tastes of the Arabic audience. Find a portfolio with the best Arabic series, exclusive Indian films and entertainment programs here.



The most read online sports newspaper from Spain: now is available as a Smart TV app. AS TV covers breaking news, live results and coverage of football league matches as well as Formula 1, MotoGP, basketball and tennis events.


You want to know more?

For further information please visit our social media channels! On there you will find the latest news on our app launches, collaborations and trade fairs as well as have the chance to gain exciting insights of our life in the office.

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Will you be at the Global Content Bazar India?

EVENTS / January 27, 2020

Ravi Kumar, responsible for Content Partnerships in India and Southeast Asia, will attend this year’s Global Content Bazar India in Mumbai.

He would be glad to meet you there. Please follow the link below to book your meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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JMC launches news app AlMamlaka TV on Foxxum devices

PRESS RELEASE / January 21, 2020

Kiel, January 2020: Foxxum GmbH and Jordan Media City (JMC), a private media service provider and TV broadcaster, are announcing their partnership which brings AlMamlaka TV,

a live streaming app, to Foxxum enabled devices. JMC has formed a strategic partnership with Foxxum, the leading provider of Smart TV solutions, to place its big catalogue of premium content in the Foxxum TV App Store.


Through this association, JMC continues its global expansion as well as amplifying its footprint in the Arabic speaking countries. JMC is intending to create and distribute further Arabic TV channels in the future.


Users can watch their favorite AlMamlaka TV programs and news on Foxxum enabled devices, not only in Jordan but also across a wide range of devices worldwide. AlMamlaka TV is an established 24 hour news channel in Jordan, which is free to use with no advertisements now coming to Smart TV with their very own App.


The AlMamlaka TV app is integrated within the Foxxum App stores and is now available for all users worldwide.

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Konka Smart TV devices will offer Foxxum’s app store

PRESS RELEASE / January 14, 2020

Kiel, January 2020: KONKA LTD, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, has signed on to collaborate with Foxxum, the globally leading provider of Smart TV solutions,

to develop a fully customizable portal for Konka’s ODM customers. The portal will be pre-integrated inclusive of the huge library of Foxxum’s app portfolio to offer an entertaining end-user experience.


Foxxum specializes in tailor made Smart TV Solutions which are developed in close collaboration, with their customers, at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain, from silicon vendors through to Device Manufacturers (OEM), CE brands, TV operators and Content Providers.


Konka’s customer branded devices will be made available for all markets in 2020 for both Linux and Android OS TVs. Through this collaboration, Konka will have a continuously growing App offering, whilst Foxxum keeps strengthening its presence in the Latin American markets.  

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26 days – Are you CES ready?

EVENTS / December 12, 2019

Foxxum’s Chief Executive Officer Ronny Lutzi is attending the CES 2020 together with his expert team composed of Business Development and Content Partnerships representatives.

The group consists of Jenny Qi, Vice President China, Mehmet Eroglu, Chief Commercial Officer, Teresa Alonso Lopez, Manager Content Partnerships and Bogdan Logvinov, Senior Associate Content Partnerships.


If you want to get together with them and haven’t booked your appointment yet, then please follow the link below to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to see you! 

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Foxxum announces new partner in Vietnam

PRESS RELEASE / November 28, 2019

Kiel, November 2019: VEGA CORPORATION and Foxxum GmbH are pleased to announce their collaboration to offer the VOD service Clip TV on Foxxum-supported devices in Vietnam.

Vega is one of the most successful online and mobile services developers in Vietnam and is now working together with Foxxum, leading provider of Smart TV solutions, to bring its vast library of premium content to the Foxxum App Store worldwide.


The extensive catalogue of more than 1,000 Hollywood, European and Asian movies, especially exclusive Vietnamese theater movies will be made available and updated constantly to the Vietnamese Smart TV users across a wide range of Foxxum enabled devices including Skyworth and Hisense. Users will also have access to over 130 TV channels, including leading regional TV networks like VTV, HTV and THVL as well as international channels such as Fox, Fox Movies, BBC and Bloomberg.


It is a growing concern worldwide but piracy has especially been a huge concern in Vietnam for quite some time. Despite this issue, the Clip TV app is only offering content which is 100% copyrighted.


The Clip TV app is integrated within the Foxxum App stores and is now available for all users in Vietnam.

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Foxxum announces massive new partnership with Touché films

PRESS RELEASE / November 19, 2019

Kiel, November 2019: Foxxum, global leader in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions is happy to unveil a new partnership with Touché films for the Smart TV App, which is available worldwide.


Touché films is a digital media publisher as well as an arising production company of sketches, medium-length films and advertisements. Their first feature film was premiered in cinemas last week.

For it’s the first time on Smart TV. The first steps are important to assure a successful incorporation. Due to this, Foxxum is especially proud about the collaboration. is the first Spanish-speaking sketch channel with more than 20 Million subscribers on YouTube and can boast with a reach of 33 Million followers on social media.


This collaboration enriches Foxxum’s global app portfolio whilst delivering fresh and new content for the Spanish-speaking users.

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Azoomee launches on Foxxum-enabled connected TVs worldwide

PRESS RELEASE / November 13, 2019

Kiel, November 2019: Azoomee, an entertaining educational content platform for kids aged 4+, has today announced its launch on TV screens worldwide, in partnership with Foxxum.

This means customers can access Azoomee’s amazing content on any smart connected TV, anywhere, anytime!


”Launching Azoomee on Smart TVs is a natural step for us to meet the strong demand from our users across multiple devices,” said Azoomee’s co-founder and COO Estelle Lloyd. “Foxxum have both the expertise to develop the best TV solution and the reach to significantly expand our footprint. Their team is a delight to work with. ”


Big name manufacturers like Vestel, Panasonic, Toshiba, Polaroid, and Hitachi will be releasing Azoomee today, with brands such as Apple TV, Samsung, and LG to follow.  Azoomee is thrilled to reach so many homes and connect with kids across the world.


“Today’s Smart TV users include several generations, and for us it is essential to cater to their needs,” said Foxxum’s CEO Ronny Lutzi. “We continue to work toward providing the best user experience, which we feel is greatly improving with the addition of the educational and child-friendly App Azoomee.”


Azoomee is an ad-free streaming service that offers award-winning TV shows and imaginative arts and crafts activities to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity in kids. Azoomee is available everywhere. In addition to the amazing TV experience, customers also get access to the Azoomee mobile app, which includes hundreds of brain-boosting games, puzzles and creative DIY projects.

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