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Foxxum captures the Slovak market with Voyo

Foxxum-enabled device users can now enjoy the most popular live TV and Video-on-demand service in the Slovak Republic. With this partnership, Foxxum has one of the Slovak key video libraries of FTA broadcasters with the largest market share on board.


The SVOD-App VOYO provides a wide variety of premium content such as popular pre-premieres of national series and shows such as Oteckovia, Pán profesor, Horná Dolná or Farma, which can be viewed up to 24 days prior to the official TV or movie premieres. Furthermore, VOYO offers famous soap operas, live sport events as well as kids programs. The application is now available on the devices from Foxxum’s client Vestel, which include TV brands such as Hitachi, JVC, Telefunken and Toshiba.


“Our priority is to provide customers with as much new high quality content as possible, which can be consumed by subscribers on a wide range of devices. Furthermore, we plan to continue to strengthen VOYO‘s brand position in the market of premium SVOD services with a lot of attractive and exclusive content,” said Tony Zdarilek, Markíza Group´s Head of Digital and Diversification.

Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH adds: “We are very proud that we have been able to win the strongest TV group in the Slovakian market as a partner, so now our end users have access to the largest content provider in the country”.


ABOUT Markíza

 Markíza Group is the leading TV group in Slovakia, which operates four TV channels (Markíza, Doma, Dajto, Markíza International), one streaming service (VOYO) and several online and mobile offerings. Markíza Group is part of the media and entertainment company Central European Media Enterprises (CME), which is active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia and was recently acquired by the Czech investor – PPF Group. 

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You can now WATCH iT! on Toshiba and Tornado Foxxum-enabled Smart TVs

Foxxum is happy to welcome a new member to its Smart TV app family.

WATCH iT! enriches the Foxxum App Store with premium content for Arabic-speaking viewers all over the world.


WATCH iT!, established in 2019, is Egypt’s first Video-on-demand service which caters to the Arabic audience around the world. This new Smart TV App on Foxxum-enabled TVs provides an amazing viewing experience combined with a varied content offer across different categories. The extensive catalogue of the SVOD app includes top series, sports, documentaries, blockbuster movies and theatrical plays; in Full HD quality, live and on demand. Other highlights include exclusive new Ramadan releases and original WATCH iT! content. The media library is updated monthly.


“Through our cooperation with WATCH iT!, we can introduce best in-class premium Arabic content to our viewers around the world”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH


WATCH iT! is available on Foxxum enabled devices from El Araby (Toshiba, Tornado). Other devices like Hisense, Vestel, TCL, Daiko and more will follow soon.


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