Foxxum App Solutions

Beyond TV: Creating Captivating CTV Apps

Whether you're a content provider, broadcaster, or visionary startup, Foxxum's bespoke App Solutions are tailored to meet your aspirations in the world of CTV and Smart TV apps. At Foxxum, we don't just develop smart TV apps; we architect interactive ecosystems that seamlessly integrate with the pulse of modern entertainment. With years of proven expertise, our team stands at the forefront of the industry, crafting immersive, cutting-edge Smart TV experiences for the evolving world of digital entertainment.


Our goal is not just to build connected device applications but to craft strategic solutions that align with your business objectives and propel you ahead in the digital landscape. With years of experience, we formulate a strategic plan that goes beyond app development, encompassing the entire connected device ecosystem.


Foxxum app development strategies are based on the needs of the Content Provider and focused on a better user experience on connected devices, to increase content revenue, supported by excellent and customized UI design and useful app features to increase traffic.


As part of the ZEASN group, Foxxum exclusively provides access to the content portfolio of a large array of device customers. The integration of an app into ZEASN's and its partners app portfolio opens a fundamental new way of accessing audiences and distribution channels worldwide.