Content & Apps

Distribute your content on any device worldwide

A strong and growing device customer list including major TV and STB brands, Device Manufacturers (OEM), global CE brand suppliers and close partners like Amazon, Apple, LG, Orange, Samsung, Sony Playstation, Panasonic, etc., offers multiple opportunities to Content Providers for reaching a wider audience.

App Development

With an app development strategy based on the needs of the Content Provider and focused on a better user experience on Smart TV, it’s possible to increase content revenue through a Smart TV App designed by Foxxum, supported by excellent and customized UI design and useful app features to increase traffic.

Licensing & Distribution

Foxxum manages exclusively the content portfolio of its device customers. The integration of an app into Foxxum’s and its Partners app portfolio opens a fundamental new way of accessing audiences and distribution channels worldwide.


Reach higher revenues from video content through monetization across different platforms and generate higher user traffic, thanks to the superior user experience provided by the Foxxum Smart TV Solution.